Vertical shredder Rotacrex

working principle vertical shredder

The Rotacrex is fed via a conveyor belt or screw conveyor. The material is introduced into the machine via an opening on the top of the housing. On the floor of the crushing chamber a vertical impact tool turns with a very high speed. On the impact tool are fixed movable holder elements with easy changeable impact plates. The material comes into contact with the impact tool and is moved around and broken up by the impact load. Discharge takes place through the gap of the outlet opening.

The work area is separated from the bearing unit by an intermediate area. This protects the bearing from the infiltration of liquid media.

Delivery with dosing container and feeding screw is possible!




Installation examples:

R1200 for dung
R1600 for wood
R750 f. straw/dung
R1200 f. electr. scrap
R1200 f. bio waste



Moveably mounted impact plates
The main shredding work is performed by the impact plates. One of the machine's special features is the impact plates are mounted moveably. If the impact plates get into contact with heavy parts they are able to swing away backwards. This helps to avoid serious damage to the machine caused by heavy material.


Setting of grain size
The grain size can be set using a hydraulically adjustable shutter (electric or manual also possible). The size is accomplished through the height of the gap between the bottom and the discharge flap, the grain size of the material can be set depending on the opening gap. As smaller the opening gap, as samller the outlet material.

Detection of heavy material
In order to detect heavy material, an impact sensor is installed for detecting such materials or imbalance. The impact sensor monitors the operation of the Rotacrex. When an imbalance is detected, the machine can either been stopped or the discharge flap can be opened, so that the heavy material will fall on outlet conveyor, etc.

Large maintenance door 
The machine is equipped with a large maintenance door, so heavy material could be removed after stopping of machine manually. The large maintenance door also allows access to the machine for maintenance and repair work, there is no funnel etc. to remove.

coarse material
fine material
large maintenance door
with dosing container
multi-carrier element


Shredding examples:

To view the results from our vertical shredders, please move your pointing device over the sample photos.

Electronic Waste

festmist_pre festmist_post

Solid Dung

Slaughterhouse Waste

Toner Cartridges


Baureihe Geeignet u.a. für den Aufschluss von: Durchsatz (ca., je nach Dichte des Inputmaterial und Austragsöffnung/Spalt)
R750 - Festmist
- Grün/Essensabfälle
- Überlagerte Lebensmittel
- Kleinstelektrogeräte (Fön etc.)
- Glas
ca. 2 t/h
ca. 2 t/h
ca. 2 t/h
ca. 1 t/h
ca. 3 t/h
R1200 - Festmist
- Grün/Essensabfälle/Schlachthofabfälle
- Überlagerte Lebensmittel
- Elektronikschrott
- MBA-Schrott
ca. 6-7 t/h
ca. 6-8 t/h
ca. 5-6 t/h
ca. 4-5 t/h
ca. 3-4 t/h
R1600 - Festmist
- Grün/Essensabfälle/Schlachthofabfälle
- Überlagerte Lebensmittel
- Elektronikschrott
- MBA-Schrott
ca. 10-11 t/h
ca. 12-14 t/h
ca. 9-10 t/h
ca. 7-8 t/h
ca. 6-7 t/h