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12. January 2021

… bomatic wishes a healty start to the new year…

Granulatorwelle Typ Unicrex U1700

…the year starts for us with completion and delivery of a granulator type Unicrex U1700. The machine will be used for granulation of tire shreds and wire into 15 mm final size. The Unicrex U1700 granulator is a very sturdy one-shaft shredder, driven by 160 kW. Under the shaft is placed a sieve, which ensures a constant granulation result. More machines will follow…

21. December 2020

Merry Christmas

Vertikalshredder Rotacrex Typ R1200 zum Aufschluß von Festmist

…This year we have chosen a versatile Christmas tree…

The bomatic team wishes merry Christmas and an optimistic start into 2021.


Please note, we are closed from 24.12.2020 – 04.01.2021. In urgent cases you could reach us under 0049-171-2711918

6. November 2020

New shredding plant for tires

Zerkleinerungsanlage zur Zerkleinerung von Altreifen

A new bomatic shredding plant for production of 100×100 mm tire shreds is running since two months successfully. The heart of the plant is our two-shaft shredder bomatic B1000DD, which cuts the tires the first time.  A following sieve separates the parts bigger than 100 mm, they will get cut again by the two-shaft shredder. Shreds smaller 100×100 mm will be transported out of  for further treatment. If smaller shreds are necessary, it is possible to change the hole sieve in the sieve.

Technical details of  the plant:

Throughput capacity:                     Output min. 4 t/h with 100 mm sieve

Power bomatic B1000DD:            2 x 37,5 kW

Power total plant:                           ca. 100 kW

9. September 2020

Tower construction – space-saving and double shredding

Zwei Rotorscheren, übereinandergebaut zum Erzielen von kleinen Korngrößen

If small product sizes are needed and tight space conditions are available only, it is possible to build our two-shaft shredders on top of each other.

This tower construction has just been delivered to Brazil, where a final grain size of about 10 mm is needed.  Therefore, the upper cutter module is fitted with 12 mm cutters for pre-cutting and the lower cutter module with 9 mm cutters for granulation.

If you have special tasks or projects, please feel free to ask us under We are looking forward to receiving exciting projects, which have to be built after customer’s needs.

21. August 2020

Two new DryWaste Shredder

Rotorschere bomatic DS4 lang zur Zerkleinerung von Schiffsabfällen

Completion of two further DryWaste shredding machines of our type bomatic DS4 lang. They will be installed on a new cruise ship, which is being build in the moment. Our robust two-shaft shredder have been installed on cruise ship for more than 15 years now and they shred ship waste very reliably. However, not only DryWaste is being shred with our shredders, the foodwaste is pretreated with our shredders for a following drying process. More than 200 shredders type bomatic B400D are being used for shredding of the foodwaste and take care of reducing the amount of waste.

12. June 2020

Two-shaft shredder for IBC’s and drums

Rotorschere bomatic B1350S zur Zerkleinerung von IBC's und Gebinden

Wether with quarantine or not, even in these days the bomatic service people are traveling around in order to install our machines. So, another two-shaft shedder from type bomatic B1350S was installed in Spain, even it was not clear, if the people has to go into two weeks quarantine, when returning from Spain. Luckily, they hadn’t to go, because the guidelines were changed, when they came back 😉

The special feature of the machine is the hydraulic ram, which pushes into the hopper vertically from the top. Bulky containers, like IBC’S will be pushed from the top into the cutter module, so they have no chance to “dance” on the cutters without being teared into the cutter module.

Technical data of the machine:

Power: 75 kW with frequency converter, cutter module opening; 1.350 x 900 mm, cutter width: 56 mm, vertical hydraulic ram, total weight: 12.000 kg

27. April 2020

Granulator Unicrex U2100 for tire granulating

Granulator Unicrex U2100 zur Reifengranulierung

The bomatic team is working in these difficult times nearly as normal and we are able to do necessary cutter changings and repairing as far as possible under observance of the rules of hygiene. Thank you very much again to the bomatic team, you are fantastic!

We just finished the production of our granulator type Unicrex U2100, which is on the way to the customer now, where the machine will granulate tyre shreds. Our Unicrex U2100 is with a cutter module length of 2.100 mm our biggest granulator, driven by 250 kW and with a total weight of 27t. Cutter module and hopper could be opened hydraulically, which results in maximum service accessibility. Rotor and stator cutters could be reached easily and changed fast. No climbing into the machine is necessary in order to change the cutters.

16. April 2020

tire recyling

Zwei-Wellen Vorzerkleinerer bomatic B1350DD für Altreifen

Together with our sales partner TGMM we realized a tire recycling plant in Spain. The car and truck tires are pre-cut with our two-shaft shredder bomatic B1350DD and granulated into 30 mm chips with our granulator Unicrex U1700. Installed power is 2×55 kW for the pre-shredder and 160 kW for the granulator. The plant will be expanded in May, in order to reach an output capacity of approx. 5 t/h.

For more information and a short video please refer to our company profil “bomatic GmbH” at Linkedin.

16. April 2020

Nine shredders for Africa

bomatic Rotorscheren B250ED für sehr leichten Krankenhausabfall

Nine of our smallest shredders type B250ED have been delivered to hospitals in different countries of Africa. This series were ordered by Technologie Transfer Marburg e.V.- TTM. A company which provides organizations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe with medical technology, hospital facilities and expendable items.  They shall be used for shredding of light medical waste (f.e. syringes, paper towels and plastic).

The cutter module opening of the bomatic rotor shears type B250ED is 250 x 250mm and they are equipped with a 2,2kW drive. These solid machines are ideal for shredding of light medical waste, wet- and biowaste, food and catering waste. With total floor space of 1025 x 750mm they take up little space and are able to shred up to 50kg waste per hour.

16. April 2020

Two-shaft shredder for the desert

bomatic Rotorschere B1600 zur Altreifenzerkleinerung in Katar

A high task for our heavy duty two-shaft shredder bomatic B1600: The machine is working in the middle of the desert in Katar and has been just started up. It is used for shredding of car-and truck tires and had to be adapted to the climatic conditions of Doha. It was a exciting project, which we really liked to work on.

Even the start up of the machine was very exciting for our engineer. High temperatures, much sun and a lot of free space, no possibility to find a place in the shadow. But even under this circumstances he was able to start up the shredder, which is now processing 10 t/h and more of tires.

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