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18. January 2022

4-shaft machine bomatic 4WV now also in 850 mm length available

Wellenansicht bomatic B4WV-L

With our bomatic 4WV-L, our third machine type in our 4-shaft series is now available and ready for delivery. This machine is used for shredding filling wire to a grain size of approx. 25 mm. Furthermore, this machine can be used for shredding data carriers, hard drives, etc., with hard drives e.g. H5 is achieved. Depending on the screen diameter, other grain sizes can also be achieved. We now have the following machines in our delivery program:

bomatic 4WV
cutter module opening 590 x 580 mm, driven by 2 x 11 kW
bomatic 4WV-L
cutter module opening 850 x 580 mm, driven by 11 kW + 15 kW
bomatic 4WS
cutter module opening 1.000 x 1.000 mm, driven by 2 x 30 kW

More information about our 4-shaft shredders you will find here:

4. January 2022

Bild über Zerkleinerungsmaschinen aus 2021

The entire bomatic team wishes you a good start into the new year with impressions from 2021. We remain optimistic and look forward to the challenges that 2022 is likely to bring again.

If you have any questions about shredding technology, please contact our Ms. Böttcher at We are looking forward to new, exciting projects that we can implement together with you.

27. October 2021

bomatic technical center soon also in Mallorca

Verladung für Technikum Spanien

For our customers and interested parties in southern Europe, bomatic is currently setting up a new technical center on Mallorca, the first shredding machines and other devices have just been loaded for this purpose (always exciting; the loading by telescopic crane). The hall was acquired last year, now it’s time to set up. Different shredding machines will be available for trials, which of course can also be purchased directly by the customer. We look forward to exciting tests and visits to the new technical center.

21. May 2021

Video about tire reycling plant is online

For 8 months our shredding plant for producing of approx. 100 mm shreds has been running successfully now, finally the movie about the plant is ready now 😊. The heart of the system is our rotor shear of the type bomatic B1100DD, which powerfully crushes the tires. Too large pieces are separated via a sieve and fed back into the rotor shear. See here for your information:


31. March 2021

25 years bomatic

..for 25 years now everything has revolved around shredding machines at bomatic and we were able to deliver great machines for exciting input materials. Many thanks to our loyal customers, some have been with us all the time. We are very proud we are trusted again and again and we look forward to the next 25 years 😊

17. February 2021

Rotacrex R1200 for digestion of horse dung

Vertikalshredder Rotacrex zum Aufschluss von Pferdemist

For this task our vertical shredder type Rotacrex R1200 is being used in collaboration with LP Energy GmbH. In this plant is biogas produced out of horse dung and upgraded to fuel later.

As horse dung is quite long fibre, it has to be pre-cut by our Rotacrex R1200 bevor it is fed into the digester. The Rotacrex is fed by a dosing container, the shredded material is being pumped via a fluid entry into the digester.

In order to cut the wet and sticky material with the needed throughput capacity, the machine was delivered with 90 kW. The outlet opening can be adjusted to the needed output size, as it is with all our vertical shredders.

Dosing unit and shredder could be supplied as one unit and being used together several times. Please contact us for more information or

12. January 2021

… bomatic wishes a healty start to the new year…

Granulatorwelle Typ Unicrex U1700

…the year starts for us with completion and delivery of a granulator type Unicrex U1700. The machine will be used for granulation of tire shreds and wire into 15 mm final size. The Unicrex U1700 granulator is a very sturdy one-shaft shredder, driven by 160 kW. Under the shaft is placed a sieve, which ensures a constant granulation result. More machines will follow…

21. December 2020

Merry Christmas

Vertikalshredder Rotacrex Typ R1200 zum Aufschluß von Festmist

…This year we have chosen a versatile Christmas tree…

The bomatic team wishes merry Christmas and an optimistic start into 2021.


Please note, we are closed from 24.12.2020 – 04.01.2021. In urgent cases you could reach us under 0049-171-2711918

6. November 2020

New shredding plant for tires

Zerkleinerungsanlage zur Zerkleinerung von Altreifen

A new bomatic shredding plant for production of 100×100 mm tire shreds is running since two months successfully. The heart of the plant is our two-shaft shredder bomatic B1000DD, which cuts the tires the first time.  A following sieve separates the parts bigger than 100 mm, they will get cut again by the two-shaft shredder. Shreds smaller 100×100 mm will be transported out of  for further treatment. If smaller shreds are necessary, it is possible to change the hole sieve in the sieve.

Technical details of  the plant:

Throughput capacity:                     Output min. 4 t/h with 100 mm sieve

Power bomatic B1000DD:            2 x 37,5 kW

Power total plant:                           ca. 100 kW

9. September 2020

Tower construction – space-saving and double shredding

Zwei Rotorscheren, übereinandergebaut zum Erzielen von kleinen Korngrößen

If small product sizes are needed and tight space conditions are available only, it is possible to build our two-shaft shredders on top of each other.

This tower construction has just been delivered to Brazil, where a final grain size of about 10 mm is needed.  Therefore, the upper cutter module is fitted with 12 mm cutters for pre-cutting and the lower cutter module with 9 mm cutters for granulation.

If you have special tasks or projects, please feel free to ask us under We are looking forward to receiving exciting projects, which have to be built after customer’s needs.