Overview of our product categories

The selection of the machine depends on the requested final grain size:

  • with our slow running rotor shear you will receive oblong shape stripes
  • with our vertical shredder you will receive broken up/smashed material
  • with our fast running granualator you will receive defined granulate
  • with our slow running 4-shaft shredder you will receive material in defined grain size

Which final grain size is neccessary for you? Please choose the right machine for your needs:


bomatic Rotor Shears / Pre-Crushing

Our rotor shears are slow running 2-shaft shredders which are used for pre-crushing mainly.   In the sturdy housing, there are two counter-rotating rotor shafts that grasp the material to be crushed. Each of these shafts is equipped with splined cutters that interlock like scissors and crush the material in strips. The low speed of the cutter shafts ensure low-noise and low-dust operation.

UNICREX Granulators / Secondary crushing

Granulators from the UNICREX model series are designed as fast-running, one-shaft machines, which are used for secondary crushing or to produce the desired grain size from pre-crushed material. A sieve is placed under the shaft. The material is crushed between rotating and stationary cutters until it falls through the holes in the screen underneath the shaft.

Rotacrex Vertical-Shredder / Vertical Shredding

Our high-performance vertical shredders from the Rotacrex series are ideal for disintegrating composite materials or substrates and are often used in the recycling industry or in biogas plants. A vertical impact tool rotates at high speed and crushes the material with its high impact energy. The discharge opening is covered by na adjustable shutter, therefore the desired grain size can be hydraulically adjusted using the shutter on the discharge opening.


4-Shaft Shredding machine 

If a specific grain size and a slow-running machine is required, our four-shaft machine is used. Here, the material is crushed with a four-axle, cutter shaft system with offset cutters, under which a perforated screen is installed. The crushed material that is smaller than the hole size of the sieve falls through a screen basket. Particles that are larger than the screen holes are transported again by the rotor blades and are subject to another crushing step.

Special purpose machinery

We make (almost) anything possible for our customers. We developed a four shaft crushing machine and a small one shaft machine specially on customer request and added them to our product lineup. Entire recycling facilities with material feed and exhaustion are designed and delevered by us, too. The machines and facilities are build up, electrically installed and set up by our experienced service team.