We make (almost) anything possible for our customers. We developed a four shaft crushing machine and a small one shaft machine specially on customer request and added them to our product lineup. Entire recycling facilities with material feed and exhaustion are designed and delevered by us, too. The machines and facilities are build up, electrically installed and set up by our experienced service team.

01 schneidwerk verfahrbar
Mobile cutting units
02 trichter hydraulisch aufklaüübar
Hydraulically opening funnels
03 mit zu- und abförderungsaggregaten
With charging and discharging modules
04 turmbauweise
Tower design (two machines above each other)
05 mobile ausführung
Mobile model
06 spezielle kundenanpassung
Special customisation
 Schneidwerk oder Maschine komplett in Edelstahl
Cutting unit or machine made completely of stainless steel
07 serienfertigung
Series production
Abgedichtete, druckfeste Version bis 6 bar
Sealed, pressure-tight model up to 6 bar
Unterschiedlichste Messerformen, Geometrien und Breiten
Various types of blades, geometries and widths
Mit hydraulischer Nachdrückvorrichtung
With hydraulic post-compacting unit
12 mit elektrischer nachdrückvorrichtung
With electro-mechanical post-compacting unit
13 mit lochsieb oder gabelsieb
With perforated screen or fork strainer
14 einsatz im ex-bereich
Can be used in areas with an explosion hazard
15 störstoffaustrag
Refrigerator crushing