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16. April 2020

tire recyling

Zwei-Wellen Vorzerkleinerer bomatic B1350DD für Altreifen

Together with our sales partner TGMM we realized a tire recycling plant in Spain. The car and truck tires are pre-cut with our two-shaft shredder bomatic B1350DD and granulated into 30 mm chips with our granulator Unicrex U1700. Installed power is 2×55 kW for the pre-shredder and 160 kW for the granulator. The plant will be expanded in May, in order to reach an output capacity of approx. 5 t/h.

For more information and a short video please refer to our company profil “bomatic GmbH” at Linkedin.

16. April 2020

Nine shredders for Africa

bomatic Rotorscheren B250ED für sehr leichten Krankenhausabfall

Nine of our smallest shredders type B250ED have been delivered to hospitals in different countries of Africa. This series were ordered by Technologie Transfer Marburg e.V.- TTM. A company which provides organizations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe with medical technology, hospital facilities and expendable items.  They shall be used for shredding of light medical waste (f.e. syringes, paper towels and plastic).

The cutter module opening of the bomatic rotor shears type B250ED is 250 x 250mm and they are equipped with a 2,2kW drive. These solid machines are ideal for shredding of light medical waste, wet- and biowaste, food and catering waste. With total floor space of 1025 x 750mm they take up little space and are able to shred up to 50kg waste per hour.

16. April 2020

Two-shaft shredder for the desert

bomatic Rotorschere B1600 zur Altreifenzerkleinerung in Katar

A high task for our heavy duty two-shaft shredder bomatic B1600: The machine is working in the middle of the desert in Katar and has been just started up. It is used for shredding of car-and truck tires and had to be adapted to the climatic conditions of Doha. It was a exciting project, which we really liked to work on.

Even the start up of the machine was very exciting for our engineer. High temperatures, much sun and a lot of free space, no possibility to find a place in the shadow. But even under this circumstances he was able to start up the shredder, which is now processing 10 t/h and more of tires.

27. September 2017

Destruction according IATF 16949:2016 with bomatic two-shaft shredders

A mayor change of the quality standards of the automotive industry according IATF 16949:2016 is the companies have to make sure, products, which are not fulfilling their requirements, have to be made unusable, bevor disposing.

This we could do and we are already doing this with our two-shaft shredders. For this case we developed very strong cutters with a special cutter design, which cut the material in rough parts, so it is unusable afterwards.

We have different rotor shears in our scope of delivery, depending on requested throughput capacity and material input size. For a throughput capacity of 500 kg/h we use for type DS4 with a cutting device of 650 x 540 mm. For large parts, with length up to 1.500 mm our two-shaft shredder bomatic B1700 is available, driven with 2×55 kW.

Do you also have to shred your parts? We are looking forward to do a test run for you in our test shop. Please contact our Mrs. Böttcher, 0049-4106-7672-31 or and benefit from our experience in this area.

19. July 2017

Now available: Vertical shredder Rotacrex R1600

After introduction of our Rotacrex R1200 in 2010 and the smaller type R750 in 2013 is now our biggest vertical shredder Rotacrex R1600 available. The machine was built on customer’s demand and is being tested in the moment.

With an impact chamber diameter of 1.600 mm the machine looks much bigger than expected. The machine weights about 9 t and is built extremely strong and solid. Installed power is 160 kW, driven with frequency converter.

As at the existing machines, the height of the outlet gap could be adjusted manually. A new feature is the special outlet flap. In case of foreign material in the machine, the outlet flap could be opened hydraulically completely “This is controlled by a vibration sensor” explains Andreas Kröger, constructor of the machine. “In case of foreign material in the machine, the vibration sensor will be activated and the outlet flap opens completely. So a fast and automatic removal of foreign material is possible.”

As at the existing two shaft shredders and Granulators it was very important to make the service of the machine as easy as possible. Wearing parts are easy to reach and all inner parts are easy to change as they are screwed from the outside of the machine.

31. May 2017

New two-shaft shredder with extremely high torque

Once more bomatic received an enquiry for a special two-shaft shredder: The task was to shred extremely tough material with a requested throughput capacity of 5 t/h.

In order to get the high torque we reduced the length of our machine type B1600 from 1.600 mm down to 1.300mm and increased the drive from 2 x 75 kW up to 2 x 90 kW.

With these drives is this machine our strongest two-shaft shredder in this line and it is running and is running to our customer’s full satisfaction.

19. April 2017

First two shaft shredder for Finland

Blue clearly visible, surrounded by black steel construction and black belt conveyors….

Since recently the first bomatic rotor shear type bomatic B1200DD is running in Finland and is used for shredding of bio waste or food waste. Our two shaft shredder is pre shredding the bio waste for a big biogas plant. After the shredding the material is fed to a drum sieve, where the material is prepared for further processing.

“It was not easy to find the right machine for the customer” explains Marion Böttcher, general manager of bomatic. “The customer was in Germany twice, in order to see our machines running.”

With a cutting module opening of 1.200 x 750 mm and driving power of 2 x 22 kW the customer was convinced by our bomatic B1200DD. Designed for a throughput capacity of 8-10 t/h the machine is shredding the finish bio waste reliably.

30. January 2017

New Video about mirco-shredding with our Rotacrex R1200 for Biogas plants

Do you know the new video about our vertical shredder type Rotacrex R1200 for micro-shredding of difficult substrates for biogas plants?

By opening this link

you are able to watch the function and the performance of our Rotacrex R1200 impressively.

This video was created from our partner PlanET Biogastechnik GmbH, they are integrating our vertical shredder for more than three years in their biogas plants successfully. Difficult substrates such as grass, straw or manure is shredded efficiently for optimum gas release, which as a result provides a higher gas yield.

It is possible to integrate low cost raw materials in the substrate mix without compromising the gas yield.

More information you could find on the homepage of PlanET Biogastechnik GmbH under or you contact our Mrs. Böttcher under 0049-4106-7672-31 directly.

1. December 2016

Shredding of activated carbon filters

Since beginning of this months old activated carbon filters are being shredded at Dräger Services in Lübeck with our two shaft shredder type bomatic B600V. After the shredding process the carbon powder is being separated by a vibration screen. The task here was that either activated carbon filters have to be shredded or also not dusty products, where the separation with a sieve is not necessary.

Therefore a moveable vibration sieve was constructed, which is moved under the shredding machine and connected to the dust suction system when shredding the filters. So the filters could be shredded without problems and the carbon powder is being separated very cleanly.

After several test runs and a detailed planning process the plant was installed and started up within two days, so after a very short time the first filters could be shredded. We would like to thank Dräger Interservices for the extremely good partnership and are looking forward to further, new projects hopefully.

24. May 2016

bomatic on IFAT 2016