Two-shaft shredder for IBC’s and drums

Rotorschere bomatic B1350S zur Zerkleinerung von IBC's und Gebinden

Wether with quarantine or not, even in these days the bomatic service people are traveling around in order to install our machines. So, another two-shaft shedder from type bomatic B1350S was installed in Spain, even it was not clear, if the people has to go into two weeks quarantine, when returning from Spain. Luckily, they hadn’t to go, because the guidelines were changed, when they came back 😉

The special feature of the machine is the hydraulic ram, which pushes into the hopper vertically from the top. Bulky containers, like IBC’S will be pushed from the top into the cutter module, so they have no chance to “dance” on the cutters without being teared into the cutter module.

Technical data of the machine:

Power: 75 kW with frequency converter, cutter module opening; 1.350 x 900 mm, cutter width: 56 mm, vertical hydraulic ram, total weight: 12.000 kg