Two Vertical shredder Rotacrex R1200

Zwei Vertikalshredder Rotacrex R1200

The color stands for the input material. Bomatic GmbH was lucky to get the order to deliver two Vertical shredders type Rotacrex R1200 for shredding of the content of “the brown drum”. In Germany the brown or green drums contain organic waste from the households. The special task in this project was, that plastics or films, which may be are in the input material, should stay as large as possible, the organic content should be cut as small as possible. Therefore the working principle of our vertical shredder fits perfect, as through the impact effect the films won’t be cut, they stay mostly same size, and the organic will be mashed.
Some technical details of the vertical shredder:
Power: 90 kW, rotor diameter: 1.200 mm, Hardox inside
Does this machine fits also to your needs? Please contact our Mrs. Böttcher, either by E-Mail or by telephone under 0049-4106-767231. Thank you very much.