Shredding of activated carbon filters

Since beginning of this months old activated carbon filters are being shredded at Dräger Services in Lübeck with our two shaft shredder type bomatic B600V. After the shredding process the carbon powder is being separated by a vibration screen. The task here was that either activated carbon filters have to be shredded or also not dusty products, where the separation with a sieve is not necessary.

Therefore a moveable vibration sieve was constructed, which is moved under the shredding machine and connected to the dust suction system when shredding the filters. So the filters could be shredded without problems and the carbon powder is being separated very cleanly.

After several test runs and a detailed planning process the plant was installed and started up within two days, so after a very short time the first filters could be shredded. We would like to thank Dräger Interservices for the extremely good partnership and are looking forward to further, new projects hopefully.