Rotor Shear B850VD for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Rotorschere B850VD für die pharmazeutische Industrie

Since the end of June medical bags with physiologic salt solution and other filled plastic bottles are shredded with a bomatic rotor shear B850VD. What is special about this machine is that the spill is separated with a custom-built dewatering auger through a perforated strainer, the solid fraction is transported to a press container for compacting. "The high amount of liquid meant a challenge for us", explains Marion Böttcher, technical director at bomatic. Per hour incur at least up to 8 tons of liquid, that goes through the cutting unit. The bomatic-experts met the challenge by using a sealed cutting unit with external spherical roller bearings. Radial shaft sealing rings and labyrinth seals protect the mounting, liquids are prevented to get in the machine's core.