Rotacrex R1200 for digestion of horse dung

Vertikalshredder Rotacrex zum Aufschluss von Pferdemist

For this task our vertical shredder type Rotacrex R1200 is being used in collaboration with LP Energy GmbH. In this plant is biogas produced out of horse dung and upgraded to fuel later.

As horse dung is quite long fibre, it has to be pre-cut by our Rotacrex R1200 bevor it is fed into the digester. The Rotacrex is fed by a dosing container, the shredded material is being pumped via a fluid entry into the digester.

In order to cut the wet and sticky material with the needed throughput capacity, the machine was delivered with 90 kW. The outlet opening can be adjusted to the needed output size, as it is with all our vertical shredders.

Dosing unit and shredder could be supplied as one unit and being used together several times. Please contact us for more information or