Now available: Vertical shredder Rotacrex R1600

After introduction of our Rotacrex R1200 in 2010 and the smaller type R750 in 2013 is now our biggest vertical shredder Rotacrex R1600 available. The machine was built on customer’s demand and is being tested in the moment.

With an impact chamber diameter of 1.600 mm the machine looks much bigger than expected. The machine weights about 9 t and is built extremely strong and solid. Installed power is 160 kW, driven with frequency converter.

As at the existing machines, the height of the outlet gap could be adjusted manually. A new feature is the special outlet flap. In case of foreign material in the machine, the outlet flap could be opened hydraulically completely “This is controlled by a vibration sensor” explains Andreas Kröger, constructor of the machine. “In case of foreign material in the machine, the vibration sensor will be activated and the outlet flap opens completely. So a fast and automatic removal of foreign material is possible.”

As at the existing two shaft shredders and Granulators it was very important to make the service of the machine as easy as possible. Wearing parts are easy to reach and all inner parts are easy to change as they are screwed from the outside of the machine.