New shredding plant for tires

Zerkleinerungsanlage zur Zerkleinerung von Altreifen

A new bomatic shredding plant for production of 100×100 mm tire shreds is running since two months successfully. The heart of the plant is our two-shaft shredder bomatic B1000DD, which cuts the tires the first time.  A following sieve separates the parts bigger than 100 mm, they will get cut again by the two-shaft shredder. Shreds smaller 100×100 mm will be transported out of  for further treatment. If smaller shreds are necessary, it is possible to change the hole sieve in the sieve.

Technical details of  the plant:

Throughput capacity:                     Output min. 4 t/h with 100 mm sieve

Power bomatic B1000DD:            2 x 37,5 kW

Power total plant:                           ca. 100 kW