Custom-built Cutter-Blades for individual Needs

Spezielle Messerformen individuell nach Kundenwunsch

An exceptional field of application features a just delivered rotary shear of the DS4-type: This shredder is designated to crush empty bullet casings. For this purpose the cutting unit of the shredder was equipped with special 12mm-cutters - just as the customer required. These cutters have short cracking hooks, ideal for this particular application. The rotary shear is equipped with a 15 kilowatt motor and a very robust gear unit that allows even ambitious cracking tasks. With this configuration the device is capable of cracking approximately 500 kilogram bullet casings per hour. "With this machine again we had the opportunity to show, how versatile our products are", says Joachim Lüdemann, Managing Director of bomatic. "At any time we are able to built even very extraordinary configurations for special applications - and realize a lot of customers demands."