4-Shaft-Shredder for Hard Discs

4-Wellen-Shredder für Datenträger und Festplatten

The shredder of the month february is our 4-shaft-shredder type bomatic 4WV, which is being used for shredding of hard discs and other data mediums at the company MAMMUT Dokumentenservice GmbH & Co. KG in Ahrensburg successfully. By using 4-shaft technology it is possible to build in a screen under the slow running cutter shafts and obtaining a defined particle size. The machine is built in a very strong version, in order to shred the quite stabile hard discs. This stability convinced in the end the customer to purchase the machine.

Some technical details: The machine is driven by 22 kW electric drive, cutter module opening is 590 x 575 mm. Build in a maintenance friendly version as the cutter shafts are changeable completely in one piece. The cutter shafts themselves are equipped with single, involute toothed cutters with cutter width of 18 mm. Under the cutter shafts is placed a screen with 20 mm holes, which is possible to swivel downwards for maintenance reason.

With this machine the bomatic delivery program is complete now: Beginning with the small single-shaft shredder Monocrex, the two-shaft shredder bomatic, the 4-shaft shredder 4WV, Granulator Unicrex up to the Vertical shredder Rotacrex; surely we have the right shredder for your need in our delivery program!