4-shaft machine bomatic 4WV now also in 850 mm length available

Wellenansicht bomatic B4WV-L

With our bomatic 4WV-L, our third machine type in our 4-shaft series is now available and ready for delivery. This machine is used for shredding filling wire to a grain size of approx. 25 mm. Furthermore, this machine can be used for shredding data carriers, hard drives, etc., with hard drives e.g. H5 is achieved. Depending on the screen diameter, other grain sizes can also be achieved. We now have the following machines in our delivery program:

bomatic 4WV
cutter module opening 590 x 580 mm, driven by 2 x 11 kW
bomatic 4WV-L
cutter module opening 850 x 580 mm, driven by 11 kW + 15 kW
bomatic 4WS
cutter module opening 1.000 x 1.000 mm, driven by 2 x 30 kW

More information about our 4-shaft shredders you will find here: https://bomatic.de/en/products/4-shaft-machine/